Pregnancy Services

Free Pregnancy Help Texas connects women with no-cost pregnancy services in Austin.

Pregnancy Test and Sonogram

Our Center provides a urine pregnancy test and can offer a dating sonogram at no-cost if the pregnancy test is positive. With a sonogram, we can determine how far along a woman is and from there talk about her options. Women will receive proof of pregnancy that can be used to apply for Medicaid or insurance. For women who do not wish to continue their pregnancy, a sonogram is required by law before you can take the next step.

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Pregnancy Counseling

We have trained Client Advocates who are here to listen to your concerns and provide resources. Our Client Advocates can talk to you about your three options: parenting, abortion, and adoption. This is a big decision, let us help you sort through your feelings so you can be confident with your choice.

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Every woman who gets a sonogram with us is given a proof of pregnancy to use when applying for insurance or Medicaid. We also have services to help women provide for their child until they are three years old. Our center works with two OB/GYNs who take Medicaid and most insurances for women who do not already have a doctor. If you need information on contraception, housing, counseling, food distribution, daycare, school programs, and financial assistance we have many resources in the Austin area we can share with you.

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Abortion is a decision that should not be rushed. In Texas, there are several laws and restrictions on the abortion procedure. Our Center can offer a sonogram at no-cost so you can know exactly how far along you are. This will help you know which type of abortion you can have and the possible cost of the procedure. Since we do not offer the procedure at our center, you can be reassured that we would never pressure you into an abortion for us to make “sale.” Every woman’s situation is different; we want you to make the best decision for your future and family.

Did you know the medical abortion can sometimes be reversed? This is not a reason to rush into taking the abortion pill but is an option for women who regret taking it. Call this number if you need your abortion reversed. 877-558-0333

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Adoption can be a great option for women who do not feel ready for a baby at this time. Many women do not realize how much control a birth mother has when making an adoption plan. The birth mother chooses the parents from a group of couples who have received several background checks and home visits. Birth mothers can also decide how open or closed the adoption is. All the adoption agencies we refer to put the birth mother’s needs first and will support her during her pregnancy and for the rest of her life. Some offer counseling for life and even provide financially for the birth mother’s first six weeks postpartum. Women who want to make an adoption plan will be able to use the proof of pregnancy they receive to apply for Medicaid or insurance to receive prenatal care.

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Material Assistance

We have items to help families throughout pregnancy and parenting. Any woman or man who is expecting a baby or has a child under three years old is eligible to receive diapers, wipes, baby clothes, maternity clothes, formula, toiletries, baby starter packs, and more. We collect clothing from newborn to 5T. Clients can make an appointment once a month to receive items for their family. All our items are new or donated in excellent condition.

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Pregnancy and
Parenting Classes

We offer classes on various pregnancy and parenting topics. Our classes are open to our clients and any family or friends who are supporting them. Clients will earn points for each class they take that can be used to earn brand new nursery items. Courses include Childbirth Preparation, Breastfeeding, Nutrition, Raising Emotionally Healthy Children and more.

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